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The content on this page has yet to be rewritten for GOV.WALES. It is still correct and up-to-date.

WEFO guidance for project proposals and approved projects 2014-2020

A range of guidance is available to help ensure you develop and deliver your project in line with the requirements of the programmes, Economic Prioritisation Framework, and EU regulations on evaluation, audit and publicity.

 At every stage of development and delivery of a project, organisations will receive ongoing support from us and / or the Regional Engagement Teams.

Throughout the life-cycle of the project, this support can take the following forms:

  • review meetings with us, usually quarterly, to monitor the progress of the project
  • on-going guidance around the financial claims process
  • verifications to cover administrative, financial, technical and physical aspects of the project
  • evaluating the impact of your project
  • planning the closure of your project