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Monitoring and evaluation

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Monitoring and evaluation are key processes for measuring how structural funds are working in Wales.

It is important to plan for monitoring and evaluation at the start of your project so that you can demonstrate how you will manage the development of your project. It helps to identify how effective your project has been in delivering its original aims (e.g. numbers of businesses created and how many individuals have benefitted).

Project evaluation

We will provide advice and guidance on project evaluations for all projects and schemes. A detailed monitoring and evaluation plan will be agreed for all projects.

For large or innovative projects, we will provide support by commenting on evaluation specifications and draft reports, and taking part in tender assessments. In some instances it may be necessary for us to manage the entire evaluation of a project.  

Programme evaluation

We are responsible for evaluation of the programmes. They will help support the successful management and delivery of the 2014-2020 programmes as a whole and build an evidence base to inform future programmes.


For more information or advice please contact the Research Monitoring and Evaluation (RME) team: