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SCoRE Cymru

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Supporting collaborative research and innovation in Europe
SCoRE Cymru provides financial support for Wales-based organisations looking to access research and innovation programmes such as Horizon 2020. This includes:
  • Travel costs associated with meeting potential or existing partners and attending key events (up to £1,000 per trip)
  • Proposal development costs, including bid writing, specific legal/technical advice or impact/market research (up to £10,000)

Adjustment to levels of grant support available

For a limited time the maximum grant rates available via SCoRE Cymru have been increased. The original thresholds for grant are noted in version 3 of the ‘Guidance & Frequently Asked Questions’ available from the download document section below, with the temporary changes to thresholds highlighted below:

Maximum Grant  Max grant rate  
Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)  £1,000  100%
Higher Education Institute (HEI)   £1,000  (50%)  75%
HEI attending with a Welsh SME partner   £1,000  (75%)  100%
Other organisation attending with a Welsh SME or Welsh HEI partner  £1,000  (50%)  75%
Proposal Development    
Co-ordinating partner, first application  £10,000  75%
Co-ordinating partner, not first application   £10,000  (50%)  75%
Not co-ordinating partner, first application  £5,000  75%
Not co-ordinating partner and not first application   £5,000  (50%)  75%
For a Phase 1 SME Instrument bid  £5,000  75%
For negotiations and consortium agreement  £5,000  50%

For more information contact the Horizon 2020 Unit at: