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The content on this page has yet to be rewritten for GOV.WALES. It is still correct and up-to-date.

About Statistics & Research

How we use your data for statistics and research

We produce a wide range of official statistics and research, some of which use data about individuals. We also use non-personal information collected by ourselves and other organisations.

In addition to data protection legislation, our use of data for statistical purposes is also managed in accordance with the Code of Practice for Statistics (external link). Principle T6 of the Code covers data governance.

These documents explain how we use personal data collected by Welsh Government for statistics and research purposes, and who to contact if you have any concerns.

Education and skills

Lifelong Learning Wales Record Privacy Notice 2018

Your information: Why the Welsh Government needs it and what we do with it (Young people's summary) (PDF 549KB) 

What we do with the education related information that we receive from schools and/or local authorities about children and young people (MS Word 156KB) 

Environment and countryside

Farm Business Survey - How will information on me and my farm be used? (PDF 164KB)

Statistical uses of Agriculture and Horticulture Survey data (PDF 241KB)


Privacy notice for individuals associated with fire and rescue service incidents (PDF 235KB)

Health and social care

Privacy notice for children receiving care and support from local authorities, including those looked after (PDF 286KB)

Housing and regeneration

Housing Conditions Evidence Programme (HCEP) stakeholder list: How we process and store information (PDF 169KB)

National Survey for Wales

How we hold and process your information

User list: How we process and store information


Statistical uses of the police recorded personal injury road accident data (PDF 347KB) 

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