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The content on this page has yet to be rewritten for GOV.WALES. It is still correct and up-to-date.

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Survey compliance costs

Details of the burden placed on respondents to our surveys.

For surveys of businesses or local authorities this is expressed in terms of financial cost and for surveys of individuals it is expressed in terms of time spent responding to a survey.

All surveys carried out by or on behalf of Welsh Government (and sponsored bodies) and the associated compliance costs can be found on the Online List of Government Statistical Surveys (OLGSS) (external link). The OLGSS provides a comprehensive picture of all UK government statistical survey activity including surveys to businesses, local authorities and, from January 2016, to households and individuals.

To use the OLGSS, open the spreadsheet on the OLGSS web page and select Welsh Government from the list of departments or search for a particular survey by name.

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