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Analysis of the Access to Services Domain in the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation by type of settlement

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  • Release date: 6 October 2015
  • Period covered: 2014
Analysis of data from the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation to examine areas that may have issues with access to services. Examining both the deprivation rankings for the Access to Services domain and the travel times used in the construction of the rankings.

Results are reported using the classification of settlement types to show how the effects change from the smallest to the largest places in Wales.

  • The areas identified as┬áhaving particular access to services issues are mainly (but not exclusively) in the smallest settlements of less than 2,000 people.
  • The settlements of less than 2,000 people account for around 20 per cent of the people in Wales.
  • Travel times are greatly increased when travelling without a car.
  • Areas with particularly long travel times, and access deprivation rankings, also tend to have relatively high rates of car ownership.


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