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Evaluation of the Sêr Cymru II programme

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  • Release date: 13 December 2018
Sêr Cymru II is a programme established to develop research capacity in Wales.

The research areas covered are:

  • life sciences and health
  • advanced engineering and materials
  • low carbon, energy and environment.
The mid-term evaluation concludes that it is still too early to give a firm view on the operation’s success. The impact of the programme will only be experienced in the long term. The timescales for doing so depends upon the timing of academics funded by the programme taking up their research position.

The report includes recommendations for the remaining delivery period of the programme.

Key Findings

The evaluation found that there is a continued need for the programme. The programme continues to serve the aim of addressing the insufficient research capacity in Wales.


  • The majority of funded academics thought that the application process was acceptable and reasonable. The programme was managed well by the Welsh Government and their respective university.

Progress against objectives

  • At the mid-term stage the programme has made good  progress in meeting its aims and objectives. 
  • Funding is being awarded to research projects which are in keeping with the programme’s overall aims and objectives. 

Progress against targets

The programme has made reasonable progress against its indicators. After four funding rounds, the programme has:
  • exceeded the target number of Research Fellows in West Wales and the Valleys and East Wales.
  • exceeded the target number of Chairs in West Wales and the Valleys and achieved its target for East Wales.
  • nearly achieved its target for recruiting Rising Stars across both West Wales and the Valleys and East Wales.
  • fallen short of achieving its target for recruiting Recapturing Talent researchers in both West Wales and the Valleys and East Wales.
  • the programme made better progress against all of its output targets in West Wales and the Valleys than in East Wales. This was due to the higher number of awards made during earlier rounds of funding in West Wales and the Valleys than East Wales.


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