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Evaluation of transforming procurement through Home Grown Talent (HGT)

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  • Release date: 10 November 2015
Its purpose is to raise procurement skills and capability across the Welsh public sector.

There are 5 strands to the programme:

  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Trainee Procurement Executive Programme
  • Funding for e-procurement projects
  • Funding for innovation projects.

Aims of the final evaluation

In 2013, a mid-term evaluation of the HGT programme was completed. At this stage, three of the five strands were underway. The final evaluation builds on the findings of the mid-term evaluation. The main objectives for this evaluation are to:

  • assess progress across all five strands of the evaluation and whether the programme’s objectives have been met
  • assess how the programme has actioned the recommendations from the mid-term evaluation
  • understand the inputs, activities and processes which have made possible the outcomes achieved by the programme (reporting the key
    factors that have helped or hindered progress)
  • assess the impact of the programme, to the extent that this is feasible to discern in the time since the activities have been implemented
  • outline the main lessons learned in the delivery of this programme, and to make recommendations for the delivery of future similar programmes
    of work.


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