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Evaluation of the Vale of Glamorgan Dispersed Housing Scheme

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  • Release date: 23 March 2016
This report describes the findings of an evaluation of the Vale of Glamorgan Dispersed Housing Scheme (DHS) for people with severe and enduring mental health needs.

DHS consists of a multi-agency group focussed on agreeing a service model appropriate to the needs of those with mental health problems in the Vale of Glamorgan. The short evaluation of DHS was commissioned by the Welsh Government’s Effective Services for Vulnerable Groups Board (ESVG).

The research took a participative approach, involving the project stakeholders in developing the theory of change for the service model and a logic model, which was then used as the framework for the evaluation.

The evaluation was designed to:

  • examine the implementation of the scheme and to assess whether the project is operating as described by the logic model
  • examine the extent to which the scheme contributes to the intended outcomes identified in the logic model
  • draw lessons learnt for the scheme and implications for future sustainability and wider roll-out.


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