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Social Research

Evaluation of Ynni’r Fro

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  • Release date: 17 January 2014
Ynni’r Fro is the Welsh Government programme of support to community scale renewable energy schemes. It offers communities advice, grants and loans to enable them to develop renewable energy projects.

Mid term evaluation

The evaluation comprised four components

  • A desk review of the recent history and policy context to Ynni’r Fro.
  • An online survey of community groups that have applied to Ynni’r Fro for support.
  • Follow-up interviews with selected community groups who responded to the survey.
  • Interviews with stakeholders to discuss the design and delivery of the programme.

Key points

  • The national coverage, broad remit and quality of the advice service.
  • The financial support available through Ynni’r Fro.
  • The fact that Ynni’r Fro is a longer term support programme than other initiatives in this area.

Key findings

The evaluation identified a number of challenges to developing a community renewable energy project; looked at the ways in which the Ynni’r Fro programme was already addressing these, and made recommendations on how this could be developed in future.

The main challenges identified were:

  • the shortage of capacity, skills and experience within community groups
  • difficulties in obtaining planning permission and consents
  • challenges in finding funding for preparatory work and capital for scheme development.


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