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Housing Conditions Evidence Programme

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  • Release date: 10 October 2018
The Housing Conditions Evidence Programme (HCEP) is a strategic programme of investment in evidence about the condition and energy efficiency/performance of housing in Wales.

Essential elements of the HCEP include:

Data from the HCEP will underpin two of the Well-being of Future Generations National Indicators for Wales. Specifically these are homes free from hazards and homes with adequate energy efficiency measures. This will contribute to the wider monitoring of our progress as a nation against the Well-being Goals.

The HCEP is closely linked to the Decarbonisation Programme. It has been recognised as one of the key data sources, especially for the domestic buildings working group.

Prosperity for All: the national strategy deals with the commitments made in this Administration’s Programme for Government, Taking Wales Forward. It places them in a long-term context, and sets out how they’ll be delivered by bringing together the efforts of the whole Welsh public sector. One of the five cross-cutting priority areas of Prosperity for All is Housing, which acknowledges the impact housing can have on all aspects of life.

The HCEP encompasses two work streams:

  • The Welsh Housing Conditions Survey 2017-18 (WHCS): A national survey which provides information about the condition and energy efficiency/performance of all types and tenures of housing in Wales, but not vacant properties.
  • The Housing Stock Analytical Resource Wales (HSAR): A ‘dwelling spine’ capturing a range of data on the characteristics, fabric, condition and energy efficiency of the housing stock in Wales. Where possible it will be at individual property level.


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