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Social Research

National Survey for Wales

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About the survey

Each year, a representative sample of over 11,000 people take part in the survey. The survey runs all year round, across the whole of Wales. The results are used by the Welsh Government to help make Wales a better place to live.

They help to:

  • make decisions that are based on sound evidence
  • monitor changes over time
  • identify areas of good practice that can be implemented more widely
  • identify areas or groups that would benefit from intensive local support, so action can be targeted as effectively as possible.

The survey covers a range of topics with a focus on well being and people’s views on public services.

More information

For background information and survey documents, see 'More in this section'.

The quality report can be found under 'Technical information'.

The survey questionnaire and other materials can be found under ‘Questions and other materials'.

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