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Post-implementation review of the single use carrier bag charge in Wales

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  • Release date: 14 March 2016
Wales introduced a Single Use Carrier Bag (SUCB) charge of 5 pence per SUCB from October 2011 in order to reduce consumption and the associated environmental impacts.

The project objectives were to assess:

  • the impact the charge has had on the consumption of SUCBs and the associated behaviour of consumers in Wales
  • the impact the charge has had on businesses in Wales
  • the extent to which the voluntary agreement with retailers has succeeded in encouraging the donation of the net proceeds of the charge to good causes
  • the extent to which the charge has reduced littering of SUCBs.

The review consisted of an economic evaluation, a literature review and the following pieces of primary research:

  • a telephone survey with consumers
  • a telephone survey, semi-structured discussions and a focus group with retailers
  • semi-structured discussions with suppliers of SUCBs.


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