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Welsh public library standards

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The Welsh public library standards measure the performance of library services across Wales.

The Welsh public library standards allow us to assess whether library services in Wales are complying with their duties under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 Act. They also assess the efficiency of the delivery of library services in Wales. 

Connected and ambitious libraries

In 2017 local authorities will begin recording their performance against the indicators in the new framework “Connected and Ambitious Libraries: The sixth quality framework of Welsh Libraries 2017-20”. This framework has been developed in partnership with local authorities and is based substantially on the 5th framework. It also includes the guidance on community managed libraries which was also available in a separate document.

Benefits of the framework

The framework encourages local authorities to ensure that the public can benefit from:

  • the provision of suitable and appropriate access to public library service points
  • a suitable and appropriate range of materials and activities available
  • access to adequate levels of staffing and a skilled workforce
  • adequate capital investment in buildings, effective ICT and efficient managements systems for their library service.

Summary of performance 2014-17

The 5th framework (Libraries making a difference) was in operation from 2014-2017. Following the final year of reporting in 2016-17, an independent review of performance across all public library services during the period 2014-17 was undertaken.

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