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Further education

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This framework aims to reduce the number of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).

Further education (FE) in Wales is a diverse sector providing a wide range of qualifications delivered to learners of all ages.

It is delivered through the implementation of Qualified for Life, the Skills Implementation plan and Youth Engagement and Progression Framework. 'Qualified for Life' sets out our long-term vision for education of 3-19 year olds. The Skills Implementation Plan sets out a 10 year vision for a more highly-skilled nation. The Youth Engagement and Progression Framework focuses on progression, enabling learners to fulfil their potential.

Following the introduction of the Further and Higher Education (Governance and Information) Act 2014 institutions were afforded new freedoms and flexibilities. This has encouraged a new working relationship with Welsh Government, by ensuring colleges deliver effective further education in their communities. A new Code for further education colleges was published to establish trust in their governance as they moved into a new era of independence. The Code, co-ordinated on behalf of the sector by educational charity ColegauCymru / CollegesWales, set out the shared values and expectations of good college governance under their new legal status as not-for-profit institutions that exist to serve the public.

ColegauCymru / CollegesWales is the national organisation which represents Further Education Institutions in Wales. Following the successful completion of the transformation agenda there are now 14 institutions in Wales. These institutions have a crucial role to play in the delivery of the Ministerial priorities for the sector.

The FE sector plays a vital role in building economic capacity, helping raise aspirations and attainment levels, by providing meaningful information, advice and guidance. The sector is uniquely placed to deliver on this agenda, widening access to vocational and higher education, providing a second chance at education for those who didn’t make the most of their chances at school and responding to the ever changing needs of employers in relation to the skills issues they face.

The sector is encouraged to work closely with schools, local authorities, employers and other stakeholders such as the Regional Skills Partnerships to anticipate future skills needs, by focusing on priority growth sectors identified within regions and aligning learning programmes to those needs. This is in accordance with 'Taking Wales Forward' which outlines our plans to develop closer partnerships which will meet the needs of learners and employers, enabling them to progress in the future.