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Work-based learning (WBL) gives new employees the opportunity to learn essential skills on the job.
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Apprenticeships in Wales are a way to earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills.

Coupled with additional training from a partner training provider, the individual will work towards nationally recognised qualifications.

For individuals

Anyone who is over 16, living in Wales and not in full-time education can apply. An apprenticeship will give you essential job-specific skills, knowledge and professional qualifications. You will work towards a work-based qualification which will be at least Level 2 from the Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales (CQFW).

You will do a real job for a real employer and will be given targets to achieve. Regular progress checks are made to make sure that your employer is supporting you and you are making progress.
You will receive a regular wage with paid holidays and the same benefits as other employees. As your skills develop, your pay will increase accordingly. You may also get additional money for essential books, clothing or equipment, or help with a disability.

For more information or to apply for an apprenticeship, visit the What is an Apprenticeship? (external link) section of the Careers Wales website.

Any business in Wales, whatever size or sector, can recruit an apprentice through the Apprenticeship Programme.  Apprenticeships are available to individuals of all ages, so you can take on a new starter or train existing employees. Support is available towards the cost of training and assessment.

For employers

All Apprenticeships include:

  • an appropriate competency qualification to at least Level 2 of the Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales (CQFW)
  • essential Skills Wales qualifications, e.g.communications, application of number and an optional information and communication technology (ICT)
  • a technical knowledge qualification (relevant to the specific Apprenticeship)
  • other qualifications or requirements as specified by the particular occupation.

Most of the training will be carried out by you the employer and you will work with an approved training provider, who will manage the apprentice’s training and assessment programme.

Hear how employers in Wales are benefitting from apprenticeships.

For more information on how to recruit an apprentice, visit the Apprenticeship (external link) section of the Business Wales website or to register your interest in apprenticeships, you can complete our Expression of Interest form.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with a contracted Training Provider that can deliver an Apprenticeship framework in your area - see below for further information.

For more information on The Apprenticeship Levy, a UK Government employment tax, visit Business Wales.

Apprenticeship Employer Incentive Programme

The Apprenticeship Employer Incentive Programme will provide support for SMEs to recruit apprentices aged 16-19, help provide individuals and employers with the skills needed over the long-term and prevent skills shortages.

The incentive will be available to SMEs who are new to apprenticeships or have not recruited an apprentice in the last 30 months. Support will be offered to a maximum of three apprentices per employer and will be available irrespective of the level of the apprenticeship. The Apprenticeship Employer Incentive Programme offers a payment of £3,500 (per learner) for apprentices recruited during the periods of July-September and January-March and a payment of £2,500 (per learner) for apprentices recruited at all other times of the year. The full payment will be made after the apprentice has been employed for 8 months.

The Apprenticeship Programme is funded by the Welsh Government with support from the European Social Fund.
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