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Work-based training

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Work-based training gives your new recruits and employees the opportunity to learn their new skills ‘on the job’.

The programmes follow national frameworks, helping employees to gain essential skills and work towards recognised qualifications while they are at work.

Why are they right for my business?

Simple. Your new recruits can earn while they learn. Although an element of part-time study is required in many of these training options, large chunks of the learning are completed at work.

And that means they can continue to be productive in your business while acquiring the essential skills they need.

How much will it cost?

The good news is that all the work-based training options are subsidised.

No matter what sector you operate in or how small your team an advisor will explain all the options in more detail, but here is a short introduction to the main work-based training options.


Apprenticeships offer the best of both worlds. Your employees get to train and gain qualifications to NVQ Level 3, yet are still able to work and earn.

Based on the principles and qualities that made traditional apprenticeships so successful, they also include modern teaching practices to create a potent training formula that helps your employees become more effective.

Our Apprenticeships brochure tells you more.

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Foundation Apprenticeships

Foundation Apprenticeships lead to NVQ Level 2 and are often used as a stepping stone to a Modern Apprenticeship. 

Modern Skills Diploma

Created to help you get even more out of your best people, the Modern Skills Diploma is designed for your managers, technicians and other team members in positions of responsibility who have the ability to train to NVQ Level 4.

To be eligible, you must employ less than 250 people or be certified as a growth company.

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