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Youth work – best practice

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Best practice in youth work can inspire and have a positive impact on young people.

Youth work is primarily based on a voluntary relationship between young people and youth workers.

The youth service is a universal entitlement open to all young people aged 11-25 and has a basis in informal education, where youth workers work with young people to help them make sense of themselves and the world around them. Workers adapt their methods to the needs and interests of the young people they work with.

The National Youth Work Strategy for Wales 2014-18 states that:

‘A strategic role for the Welsh Government is … to work with stakeholders to identify and share best practice, drawing on evidence from across the UK...’

There are some excellent examples of work with young people taking place across Wales. In order to share some of these examples of best practice and the impact they have on the lives of young people involved, we commissioned the development of three short films. The films feature Pembrokeshire Youth Service, Cwmbran Centre for Young People (CCYP) and Conwy Youth Service. All three organisations have achieved the Quality Mark for Youth Work in Wales to a minimum of the bronze level.

Additionally, we have developed a shorter overview film that outlines some of the key elements of youth work. This shorter film is ideal for sharing on social media.

We want these films to inspire organisations and individuals not only delivering youth work, but working with young people. We ask that you share these films widely with your staff and colleagues and on social media.





View playlist on YouTube (external link)