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Youth work reference group

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Key stakeholders and young people support Ministers to implement the National Youth Work Strategy.

The National Youth Work Strategy for Wales 2014-2018 (NYWS) states that ‘The Welsh Government will establish a Youth Work Reference Group (YWRG) with representation from key stakeholders, including young people, which will directly report to and advise Ministers on the implementation of the National Youth Work Strategy’.

The YWRG was established to support Welsh Ministers and the Welsh Government to:

  • develop and implement a National Outcomes Framework. This framework will align with other relevant Welsh Government outcomes frameworks
  • suggest ways forward to identify and effectively share good practice and develop good practice in respect of this strategy and wider Welsh Government priorities
  • explore future options for CLIC online. This will include looking at how technology is able to create and sustain effective engagement with young people
  • explore the most appropriate arrangements for supporting the voluntary youth work sector beyond 2016
  • advise on the criteria for the evaluation of the impact of youth work
  • guide an independent review into effective youth work practice in schools
  • advise on the scope and delivery of youth work programmes in schools
  • advice on the merits of statutory guidance for youth work
  • explore youth work practice across the UK, Europe and internationally and consider the merits and risks associated with alternative models of youth work delivery and contracting
  • consider how best youth work organisations can grow and develop opportunities for young people to utilise and develop their Welsh language skills.

The Minister for Education and Skills and Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology agreed the membership for the YWRG on 30 July 2014.

YWRG members were asked to commit 2 years to the group and are representative of:

  • Principal Youth Officers Group (PYOG)
  • Council for Wales Voluntary Youth Service (CWVYS)
  • Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers (SOLACE)
  • Associate of Directors of Education in Wales (ADEW)
  • Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA)
  • Youth Work Alliance Group
  • youth workers
  • youth work degree students
  • young people
  • trade unions
  • Estyn representative (observer status)
  • Youth work academics (observer status)
  • Welsh Medium Strategic Youth Work Group
  • Ethnic Youth Support Team (EYST).

The Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology chairs alternate meetings, and a different YWRG member chairs each of the others.

The YWRG has met four times and a summary of items discussed at the meetings to-date can be found below.