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Youth work in schools

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Youth work organisations across Wales provide a range of programmes that compliment and support the work of schools and formal education providers.

Youth work has a key role to play in helping to promote young people’s personal and social development.

It is a skilled profession, supported by the National Occupational Standards for Youth Work. It supports young people to learn about themselves, others and society through non-formal educational activities.

Research has demonstrated that good youth work practice can improve young people's school attendance, behaviour, motivation, relationships and promote achievement. It has also found that learning experiences outside the classroom can promote engagement and achievement in school settings.

We know that many schools and formal education providers across Wales recognise the real benefits of youth work approaches.

In line with actions set-out in the National Youth Work Strategy for Wales 2014-18, Arad Research was commissioned to conduct a review of youth work in schools in Wales and to identify examples of good practice. The précis report and the full report can be found at the bottom of the page.

In February 2016 youth work consultant and trainer Vanessa Rogers was commissioned to research the impact of current youth work provision in schools in Wales.