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Youth engagement and progression

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This framework aims to reduce the number of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).

The framework is based around 6 component elements, proven to be effective at increasing youth engagement and progression. They aim to:

  • identify young people most at risk of disengagement
  • provide better brokerage and co-ordination of support
  • provide stronger tracking and transition of young people through the system
  • ensure provision meets the needs of young people
  • strengthen employability skills and opportunities for employment
  • provide greater accountability for better outcomes for young people.

Local authorities have  the key leadership role in the framework’s implementation. They are working closely with Careers Wales, youth services, schools, colleges, work based learning providers and other partners to ensure those most at risk of becoming NEET or who are already NEET are identified and provided with the support they need to get them back on track.

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Formative evaluation of the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework

A formative evaluation of the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework has been carried out.

ICF/GHK and Arad were appointed to evaluate the implementation process and early impact of the framework. Research was carried out in each local authority and included the views of a wide range of stakeholders involved in implementation of the framework.

The role of the voluntary youth work sector in Wales

The Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services website has information about how the voluntary youth work sector can support implementation of the framework.

It includes a number of useful resources to better support the mapping of voluntary sector provision, the engagement of young people in volunteering opportunities and a young persons perspective ‘Stories from Youth Work’.