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Knowledge transfer programme

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This Programme is designed to help us deliver good practice, skills and useful resources on climate change adaptation.

We hope that by sharing information with interested people and organisations, it will help to build resilience against the impacts of climate change.

This Programme first looked at building capacity, and has since developed tools and resources to support sectors and organisations as they go through the risk assessment process.

Climate impact across Wales – A media based assessment

The Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP) is a tool developed by the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) (external link). The tool helps organisations explore the impacts and consequences of past weather events by reviewing local media reports to identify the local impacts and consequences of extreme weather events. The information generated by the media review is then collated into a report and can be used to raise awareness of existing vulnerability to the current weather and climate.  

In 2009 the Countryside Council for Wales produced a media based assessment for all local authorities in Wales, which covered 60 different newspapers across Wales. We have since updated this assessment with Natural Resources Wales (NRW). It now contains over 13 years of media based information on previous weather events across Wales and breaks down the consequences on the different sectors. This resource is designed to help organisations and sectors save time and effort, through researching how previous weather events have affected their sector.

Climate impact across Wales – communicating vulnerability

We have created a National Climate Impact Profile using the BBC news website. This shows how sectors have been vulnerable to weather and climate in Wales over the last 2 years.

Welsh Local Authority Adaptation Resource

For the Welsh public sector, planning for the long term risks of climate change is particularly challenging under the current financial constraints and austerity.

This resource should support a clear business case for why planning for the long term is relevant now. The resource includes a publication and accompanying spread sheet, and covers 13 different local authority services. It looks at the service risks, actions that can be taken and provides links to further resources.

Knowledge Hub

Our Climate Resilience and Extreme Weather Knowledge Hub is a community of practice on adaptation to support reporting authorities. It provides a database of resources for organisations and sectors to help them in their adaptation planning.

Pathfinder report

Pathfinder is a Welsh Government funded programme to support communities to take action on climate change. It was delivered from 2011 to early 2013 by a partnership of Severn Wye Energy Agency and AECOM. Read the Pathfinder Summary Report (external link) which outlines how the project was structured, the journey it took, a summary of key findings and its legacy.