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Preparing Wales for a changing climate

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The Adaptation Delivery Plan describes the actions that will fulfill the objectives of our Adaptation Framework

Even if we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions we will still need to prepare for the effects of climate change.

This means that over the next few decades we are facing some level of climate change regardless of any action to reduce our emissions now.

Therefore whilst it is really important to do all that we can to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions we also need to plan for the climate change we know will happen. We are using new information and tools to help understand how the consequences of climate change may affect our economy, environment and society.

By taking early action, Wales can minimise the impacts of costly disruptions and safeguard the long-term wellbeing of our environment, economy and communities.

Adaptation Framework

We have developed an Adaptation Framework which presents a national, co-ordinated approach so Wales understands the risks and opportunities from climate change and we can prepare.

Our Framework has 3 parts:

  • Understanding how climate change affects Wales: Develop the evidence we have about climate change so that we can understand why we need to prepare
  • Making climate preparation widespread: Ensure that climate change impacts and planning for them is considered by organisations and communities
  • Communicating climate preparation: Ensure that decision-makers know about the impacts of climate change and are able to plan and make appropriate decisions.

The Framework is explained in more detail in Chapter 15 of the Climate Change Strategy.

Adaptation Delivery Plan

The Adaptation Delivery Plan was published alongside the Climate Change Strategy in October 2010. It contains 24 actions that are making Wales more resilient to the impacts of climate change. We will report every year on progress against these actions to the National Assembly for Wales. The first report will be in spring 2012.