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Measuring greenhouse gas emission reduction targets

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This paper describes how we measure Wales’ performance on greenhouse gas emission targets.

Our greenhouse gas emission reduction targets are set out in our Climate Change Strategy. These commitments include:

  • reducing emissions within areas of devolved competence by 3% each year from 2011, against average emissions during 2006-2010
  • reducing all Welsh emissions by 40% from 1990 levels by 2020.  

This technical paper sets out our method in detail. It also highlights important decisions taken in building this method and discusses the implications of these decisions on the target reporting.  

The method paper mainly looks at the more complex 3% target method. This unique emission reduction target has been designed to specifically reflect areas we (Welsh Government) can act on to reduce emissions. This Welsh specific target compliments national, European and international emission reduction goals. It also works to reduce emissions at a global scale.