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Preparing for a changing climate – Part 5: Monitoring and Reviewing

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Part 5 helps you to assess whether the aims and objectives set by your organisation and partners are being achieved

Preparing for a changing climate is a relatively new and fast-moving area of work. The Guidance reflects this and recognizes that there is no single, uniformly-applicable process for adapting to climate change.

This step will enable you to report on progress and update your adaptation action plan developed in Part 3. This guidance discusses how to use monitoring to determine whether the aims and objectives in your adaptation plan are being achieved.

This guidance on monitoring and review will enable your organisation to:

  • examine the lessons learned;
  • identify if your risks and vulnerabilities have changed; or
  • if any of the underlying research is now out of date.

A review provides an opportunity to focus efforts on the aims and objectives set out, and update the plan based on new information and analysis.