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Conservation and Biodiversity

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Biodiversity is the variety of plants and animals we share the planet with and the places they live.

The ecosystems they make up are our life support system which provides us with all our food and medicines and ensures that we have clean air, clean water and fertile soils.

What we are doing

We work closely with the Wales Biodiversity Partnership (WBP) (external link). The WBP is made up of key individuals and organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors. WBP provide leadership and expertise on priorities for action on biodiversity in Wales and promote and monitor the delivery those actions.

In November 2010 the National Assembly for Wales’ Sustainability Committee undertook an inquiry into Biodiversity in Wales.  In response, the Minister agreed that we should complete a biodiversity audit of all departments and agencies.

Natural Recovery Plan for Wales

The Nature Recovery Plan for Wales is aimed at addressing the underlying causes of biodiversity loss by:

  • putting nature at the heart of our decision-making
  • increasing the resilience of our natural environment
  • taking specific action for habitats and species.

It sets out how Wales will deliver the commitments of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and the EU Biodiversity Strategy to halt the decline in our biodiversity by 2020 and then reverse that decline.

Part 1

Our Strategy for Nature sets out:

  • our commitment to biodiversity in Wales
  • the issues we need to address and our objectives for action.

It sets out how our current and proposed action, particularly through the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, and through the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, will contribute to reversing the loss of biodiversity in Wales.

Part 2

Our Action Plan sets out those actions which have been specifically identified to meet our objectives to reverse the decline of biodiversity. Working groups for each objective will now further develop the detail under each of these actions, putting in place:

  • targets and milestones
  • identifying appropriate funding mechanisms
  • taking actions forward as appropriate.

Part 3

(In development) the Nature Recovery Framework, will show:

  • the governance structure for the Nature Recovery Plan
  • the roles and responsibilities of everybody involved in the delivery of action for biodiversity in Wales
  • the accountability measures in place to ensure delivery.

If you would like a copy of part 2 please email us at: