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Natural Resources Policy

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The Natural Resources Policy (NRP) is the second statutory product of the Environment (Wales) Act.

The focus of the NRP is the sustainable management of Wales’ natural resources, to maximise their contribution to achieving goals within the Well-being of Future Generations Act. The policy sets out three National Priorities. These are:

  • Delivering nature-based solutions,
  • Increasing renewable energy and resource efficiency,
  • Taking a place-based approach

Next Steps

The Natural Resources Policy sets the context for Area Statements, which will be produced by Natural Resources Wales, ensuring that the national priorities for sustainable management of natural resources inform the approach to local delivery.

Consultation on Developing the Natural Resources Policy

The Welsh Government consulted on the development of the Natural Resources Policy between 14th November 2016 and 13th February 2017. The consultation document, written consultation responses and a summary of the consultation responses are now available.  

State of Natural Resources Report

The State of Natural Resources Report (SoNaRR) (external link) assesses the state of Wales’ natural resources, and provides an assessment of the extent to which Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (SMNR) is being achieved.  

The report:

  • provides a national evidence base for Wales on how we are managing our natural resources and ecosystems and the significant contribution that our natural resources make towards our well-being,
  • highlights the key challenges our natural resources face,
  • supports NRWs’ reporting towards its duty to pursue SMNR,
  • provides evidence to support public service delivery including for local well-being assessments, objectives and plans,
  • provides evidence to support Public Authorities in meeting their Biodiversity and ecosystem resilience duty ahead of Area Statements.

NRW will produce a new report every 5 years to set out the current best knowledge on the sustainable management of natural resources in Wales.

Welsh Ministers must take into account the evidence contained with the State of Natural Resources Report when preparing the Natural Resources Policy.