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Enabling Natural Resources and Well-Being in Wales 2019-2023 – call for grant proposals

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Revised grant arrangements are being set to:

  • support implementation of the Natural Resources Policy, 
  • make clearer links between Wales’ natural resources and well-being. 

The scheme will be managed by the Environment and Communities Division. It will focus on supporting cross-sector collaborative projects. These projects will bring a broad range of environmental, economic, social and cultural benefits. 

The scheme will support the delivery of:

  • Prosperity for All: the national strategy 
  • Natural Resources Policy.

ENRaW will predominantly support projects that make improvements in residential areas by delivering benefits for people, businesses and their communities.  

It has been designed to incorporate sub-measures 7.4 and 16.2 of the Rural Communities Rural Development Programme and provides a combination of revenue and capital funding.  It is composed of three types of funding and focuses on pilot and demonstration projects at the right scale, promoting cooperation and collaboration to address the following three themes of action:

  • developing, regenerating and broadening access to sustainable green infrastructure 
  • improving the quality of the urban and rural built environment; and
  • developing resilient ecological networks, areas and nature based solutions.

The grant is open to a wide range of organisations that:

  •  are working in a collaborative way to deliver activity under the themes of action
  •  will provide both revenue and capital funding to support delivery.

The deadline for applications is 03 December 2018 with view to grant funding being made available from commencing early in the 2019-20 financial year.

We want organisations to explore potential collaborations and project ideas on our Yammer group. 

 To join the group email us at