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Sustainability Survey and Segmentation Model

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We’ve conducted a study to help us better understand people’s attitudes and behaviours towards living a more sustainable life.

All the outputs from this study are available as tools, to assist us and others communicate more effectively.


We spoke in-depth to over 1538 people across Wales to find out what is important to them, and how they currently behave. The behaviours are focused around energy; water; waste; transport. This survey provides a baseline against which we can measure changes in attitudes and behaviours in future years. You will find a Summary of the Findings and Headline Results reports at the bottom of this page.


We used the results from the survey to inform our development of a sustainability segmentation model. The results have identified six groups with common attitudes and current actions. We are encouraging others to use this model when communicating around sustainable behaviours. This will help us all tailor our communications more effectively to reach and engage each group. The Segmentation Study Technical Report can be found at the bottom of the page.

Welsh Government are keen that this is a continually evolving project and are very interested to see how this approach to segmentation works for others and to learn from other people’s experiences.

If you are interested in using the research findings for your own work, the team has put together a set of tools to assist you. We also have additional information that provides more insight into the segmentation categories.

Please get in touch with the team with your name, organisation and a brief outline of your project or your particular interest in this work:

Land, Nature and Forestry Division (Behaviour Insight)
Welsh Government
Rhodfa Padarn
SY23 3UR.

Tel: 0300 062 2301