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Noise and nuisance

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Explains how noise is managed in Wales and by whom. It provides evidence to support noise policy and examples of positive initiatives.
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How to deal with noise, odours, smoke, light pollution and other neighbourhood nuisances.

Addressing the problem

If you are concerned about noise or another nuisance from a neighbour's home or a local business, you should try to talk to them. If you explain the problem to the person or company responsible, you may find that it can be resolved amicably.

Formal action

When informal action is not possible or fails, you can take formal action. The most common route involves complaining to your local authority about the problem. Part III of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (external link) provides more information on how to do this.

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 gives the legal definition of statutory nuisances and details the action that can be taken to deal with them. Under the Act, local authorities must take reasonable steps to investigate complaints about statutory nuisances. 

The Environmental Protection Act also requires a local authority to put an end to or reduce statutory nuisances.

Most local authorities in Wales provide more information about how they deal with noise nuisance and other types of statutory nuisance complaints in their area. Contact your local authority from our Unitary Authorities page.

Sound Advice on Noise

This booklet will help you to deal with noise problems and learn more about noise issues. It tells you what you can do about noise from neighbours, local commercial and industrial premises, and vehicles. The booklet also refers to relevant legislation, and includes contacts for further advice on noise and further reading.

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