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Waste disposal and recovery

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Our ambition is to be recycling at least 70 per cent of our waste by 2025. We must also plan what to do with the waste that we cannot recycle.

Landfill is no longer an option. The amount of landfill space left in Wales is running out fast and landfill taxes mean that we cannot afford to keep sending waste to landfill.

In addition, when food is sent to landfill it breaks down to produce methane. This is a greenhouse gas that is 23 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide.

Our priority is to reduce the amount of waste we produce, but where waste is created we must find alternatives to landfill. These alternatives include:

  • anaerobic digestion - this treats food waste to produce a biogas which can be used as fuel, and a slurry which has many uses including as a fertiliser
  • high efficiency energy from waste - this uses non-food waste to create energy to power our businesses and homes.