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Collaborative Change Programme

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Outcomes, policies and actions for managing household waste collected by local authorities.

The Welsh Government has offered all local authorities the opportunity to participate in a Collaborative Change Programme (CCP) to help ensure that Wales meets the recycling targets set out in Towards Zero Waste and also included in the Municipal Sector Plan.

The Programme is open to individual authorities and it should also be considered as a key tool for enabling partnership working and collaboration on the delivery of services.

The programme is not only about how authorities will achieve targets, it also aims to support the active sharing of good ideas and practices that can improve efficiency in terms of cost reduction and improvement in performance. This includes services that are more environmentally sustainable, with lower ecological and carbon footprint impacts. It also includes services that are more financially sustainable, with lower net costs of service delivery.

Delivery of the CCP is through a dedicated team from WRAP Cymru (external link), contracted until March 2019. The WRAP team has a range of knowledge, skills and experience to deliver modelling, options appraisals, business plan preparations, procurements and operational delivery, with support from consultants where appropriate.

The WRAP Cymru staff are experienced in financial and environmental modelling and in every aspect of waste and recycling collections, from kerbside collections, operating Materials Facilities through to household waste and recycling centres (HWRCs) and depots.

The CCP provides capital grants in support of service changes by local authorities and these are administered by the CCP Grants Assessment and Award Panel which includes Welsh Government officials and representatives of WLGA and WRAP.

If you have any queries on this programme please contact the Waste Collaborative Change mailbox: