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Waste Prevention Programme

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Read the evidence that supports the development of the waste prevention programme.
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This programme describes the outcomes, policies, targets and outline work programme to address waste prevention from businesses, households and the public sector.

Waste prevention involves reducing:

  • the amount of waste through re-using products or extending the life of products
  • the negative impacts of waste on the environment and human health
  • the content of harmful substances in materials and products.

This programme supports ‘Towards Zero Waste’, our waste strategy. The EU also requires Member States to develop a waste prevention programme.

The benefits of implementing this programme are:

  • support for businesses and citizens to save money
  • support for people to be helped out of poverty
  • the economy will become more sustainable and resilient
  • the environment will be protected.

The research and evaluation carried out in the development of the programme are contained in the supporting documents that make up the evidence base.

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