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Guidance on Applying the Waste Hierarchy

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Many Welsh businesses and public bodies are unaware of how much waste costs them.

As the demand for materials grows worldwide, raising input costs, it makes sense for businesses to adopt the waste hierarchy.

Article 4 of the revised EU Waste Framework Directive (Directive 2008/98/EC) sets out five steps for dealing with waste, ranked according to environmental impact – the ‘waste hierarchy’.

Businesses and public bodies now have a duty to apply the waste hierarchy when making decisions about their waste. This guidance has been produced to assist them in applying the hierarchy.

This guidance is for any Welsh business or public body which generates, handles or treats waste.

It sets out:

  • what the waste hierarchy is;
  • how it works for a range of common materials and products;
  • what businesses and public bodies need to do; and
  • key questions and ideas for dealing with waste in line with the hierarchy.