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We are currently reviewing the Environment Strategy to ensure that we reflect the relevant commitments in the Natural Resource Management Programme.

Our water strategy aims to improve water quality and help us manage water resources sustainably.

Water strategy

Our Water Strategy for Wales sets out:

  • our commitment to improving water quality
  • our approach to integrated water management
  • how we will ensure our water resources are managed sustainably
  • how we will maintain the high quality of our drinking water.

Why water is important

Rivers, lakes and streams and the bathing waters along our coast play a very important role in our quality of life. Maintaining the good quality of our water bodies is vital for supporting habitats and biodiversity.

Water is also important for many recreation activities and helps attract tourism to all parts of Wales.

The way we use water has a direct impact on our aquatic environment. Water has a central role in our lives. So we must manage its use and the pressures that impact upon it. We recognise the value and importance of water and its contribution to our environment, economy and health and well being.

Working together

We work closely with many public bodies and stakeholders to develop water policy in Wales. These include:

Contact us

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