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The content on this page has yet to be rewritten for GOV.WALES. It is still correct and up-to-date.


We issue a number of publications about water from ministerial statements to reports.

Groundwater protection codes for Wales - Sheep dip

If you carelessly use or release toxic sheep dip on your land it could pollute groundwater.

Groundwater protection codes for Wales - Solvents

You should read and follow this code if you: own or work at a site where solvents are used or stored, deliver solvents to such a site, or are involved in decommissioning such a site.

Groundwater protection codes for Wales - Underground storage tanks

You should read and follow this code if you store petrol, diesel, heating fuel, waste oils or other ‘petroleum hydrocarbons’ in an underground storage tank (UST).

Water strategy for Wales

This strategy sets out our strategic direction for water policy over the next 20 years and beyond. Water is one of our greatest natural assets and an integral part of Wales’ culture, heritage and national identity.

Non-statutory guidance in relation to the Water Industry (Undertakers Wholly or Mainly in Wales) (Information about Non-owner Occupiers) Regulations 2014

We are looking at ways to make water charges more affordable for all. This is part of our work on reducing poverty in Wales.

Social Tariff guidance

We have published guidance to enable water companies to develop tariffs to help people who have most difficulty paying their bills.

Social and Environmental guidance to Ofwat

We have published Guidance to Ofwat (Water Services Regulation Authority) about the contribution it can make to our social and environmental policies.

Strategic Policy Position Statement on Water 2011

This revised Statement updates our priorities for water from the 2009 statement and reflects developments and highlights future priorities.