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Welsh National Marine Plan

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We are working on the first Welsh National Marine Plan (WNMP), which will guide decisions on the sustainable use of our seas.

The WNMP will:

  • integrate our policy with the rest of the UK, guided by the UK Marine Policy Statement (external link).
  • support our vision for clean, healthy, safe and biologically diverse seas
  • guide future sustainable development
  • support “blue growth” by directing key decisions taken on the future use of marine space and natural resources.

Find out more about the benefits of marine planning (external link).

We have produced an animation (external link) to help explain the marine planning process.

Have your say

We are currently consulting on the marine plan.  

We need input from a wide range of interested parties to ensure that the WNMP reflects the views and needs of those that use and benefit from our seas.

The Statement of Public Participation SPP sets out how and when we will engage with stakeholders as we develop the plan. It helps to ensure that the marine planning process is transparent, and that stakeholders understand how they can be involved and influence the plan’s development. The suggestions and comments already received have helped to shape an early draft as we move to formal consultation.  

A Welsh Marine Planning Stakeholder Reference Group has been established which meets regularly to advise on the development and implementation of the plan.

We work closely with the Marine Management Organisation to ensure that cross-border concerns are considered in developing the WNMP.