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NHS Wales

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Nearly 3 million people live in Wales and use the services of the NHS. 

Annual Quality Statement for NHS Wales

The Annual Quality Statement for NHS Wales 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 is an overview of all the work going on within NHS organisations to improve the quality of care in NHS Wales. 

Listen to what Andrew Goodall, NHS Wales Chief Executive has to say about the report on our YouTube channel (external link)

NHS Wales staff survey 2018 

The survey is available to download. It provides a full analysis of staff engagement and the organisational context  for the NHS Wales workforce.

Train. Work. Live. Health Careers in Wales

When you choose Wales for your career you choose superb facilities, an innovative health service, a supportive environment and well organised training schemes. More information at (external link)


The NHS delivers services through 7 Health Boards and 3 NHS Trusts in Wales:

  • primary care services are provided by general practitioners and other health care professionals in health centres and surgeries across Wales
  • secondary care is delivered through hospital and ambulance services
  • tertiary care is provided by hospitals which treat particular types of illness such as cancer
  • community care services are usually provided in partnership with local social services, and delivered to patients in their own homes.

Health services in Wales take account of the fact that Wales has:

  • high rates of cancer and heart disease 
  • a h igh proportion of elderly people
  • a mix of rural, urban and valleys areas.