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Suicide and self harm prevention strategy for Wales 2015-2020.

How we are improving the nation’s mental health.

Our current priorities are set out in the 2016-19 Delivery Plan for Together for Mental Health. The delivery plan sets out the key actions for the Welsh Government and its partner organisations over the current three-year period. Our aims include: 

  • helping people of all ages become more resilient and better able to cope with poor mental well-being 
  • helping people experiencing mental health problems get better sooner and have access to the right services
  • improving people’s quality of life, by addressing problems such as loneliness and unwanted isolation
  • ensuring services meet the needs of a diverse population
  • ensuring people with mental health problems, their families and carers are treated with dignity and respect. 
A National Partnership Board monitors progress against the delivery plan.  

There are also commitments on improving mental health in our Programme for Government, Taking Wales Forward.