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Together for mental health - a strategy for mental health and wellbeing in Wales

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A 10-year strategy for improving the lives of people using mental health services, their carers and families.

The main themes of Together for Mental Health are:

  • promoting mental wellbeing and, where possible, preventing mental health problems developing,
  • establishing a new partnership with the public, centred on:
    • Improving information on mental health
    • Increasing service user and carer involvement in decisions around their care
    • Changing attitudes to mental health by tackling stigma and discrimination
  • delivering a well designed, fully integrated network of care. This will be based on the recovery and enablement of service users in order to live as fulfilled and independent a life as possible,
  • addressing the range of factors in people’s lives which can affect mental health and wellbeing through Care and Treatment Planning and joint-working across sectors,
  • identifying how we will implement the Strategy.

The Strategy is focused around 6 high level outcomes and supported by a Delivery Plan

A new national Mental Health Partnership Board will oversee delivery of the Strategy.