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The content on this page has yet to be rewritten for GOV.WALES. It is still correct and up-to-date.

Health guidance

Policy guidance for the NHS

Veterans’ and armed forces champions

They will provide support for veterans and service personnel to ensure that their needs are reflected in local service plans.

Implementing the overseas visitors hospital charging regulations

Guidance for non UK residents requiring treatment from a Welsh NHS Trust.

All Wales communication standards between Primary and Secondary care

Guidance and explanatory notes for NHS Wales to follow, including referral and delegation.

Approval of approved clinicians in Wales

Guidance for clinicians who act as mental health professionals for the purposes of the Mental Health Act 1983.

Working together to reduce outdoor air pollution, risks and inequalities

Guidance to support policy and practice development across the NHS in Wales.

Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) Act: Statutory guidance

This guidance has been produced in collaboration with NHS Wales, the Royal College of Nursing and other key partners.

Specialist NHS child and adolescent mental health services - Professional advice for service planners

Guidance on the definition of specialist child and adolescent mental health services.

Statement of Intent - Better use of health and care data for safe, effective care and efficient services

We want health and care workers to have the digital tools and access to information they need to coordinate and deliver care.

More than just words…. Follow-on strategic framework for Welsh language services in health, social services and social care

This follow-on strategic framework builds on the original  'More than just words….' published in 2012. 

Travelling to better health

Advice and guidance on culture and health needs for practitioners working with Gypsies and Travellers.

Reform of financial support for those affected by NHS supplied contaminated blood

We have written to individuals affected by NHS supplied contaminated blood to advise of changes to payments for 2017/18.

UK Chief Medical Officers’ low risk drinking guidelines

Guidance from the UK Chief Medical Officers for low risk drinking.

Cross border healthcare and patient mobility - guidance for the NHS

Advice on handling requests from patients for treatment in countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and requests from patients from the EEA requesting treatment in Wales.

Health and care standards

We have developed new Health and Care Standards to support the delivery of high quality services in the NHS in Wales

Mental health aftercare in England and Wales

Arrangements for resolving disputes about mental health aftercare services involving local authorities in England and Wales.

Addressing mental health problems of children and young people

This guidance explains how our partners can improve the help they give within the youth justice system.

The All Wales Standards for communication and information for people with sensory loss

To ensure that the needs of people with a sensory loss are met when accessing our healthcare services.

Integrated assessment, planning and review arrangements for older people

Guidance for professionals in supporting the health, care and well-being of older people.

Mental Capacity Act 2005 and consent for research

Information on when a person has given their consent to take part in research and has since lost capacity.

Independent mental capacity advocates service providers

Find out where your local provider is located.

Delivering the independent mental health advocacy service in Wales

Guidance for independent mental health advocacy providers and Local Health Board advocacy service planners.

Responsible body guidance for the NHS in Wales

The guidance sets out who is responsible for funding an individual's treatment and care within the NHS in Wales.

Clinical governance requirements for community pharmacies in Wales

The document explains the changes to the Community Pharmacy contractual framework.

Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010: National Service Model for local primary mental health support services

Part 1 of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 places duties on Local Health Boards and local authorities.

Care and Treatment Plan template

This care and treatment plan has been prepared under section 18 of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010

Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 Policy Implementation Guidance on 'Local Primary Mental Health Support Services' and 'Secondary Mental Health Services'

Guidance to assist Local Health Boards and Local Authorities in meeting their duties under the Measure.

Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 Guidance

Guidance for Local Health Boards and Local Authorities on the establishment of joint schemes for the delivery of local primary mental health support services