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Integrated assessment, planning and review arrangements for older people

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Guidance for professionals in supporting the health, care and well-being of older people.

The guidance sets out the responsibilities and duties on health and social care services to provide integrated arrangements for assessment and care management for older people. This replaces 'Creating a unified and fair system for assessing and managing care in respect of people aged 65 years and over'.

With immediate effect all local authorities, Local Health Boards and Velindre NHS Trust should make arrangements to implement the requirements. The only exception is to develop and implement a common assessment template by 30 April 2014.

The guidance will play an important part in the implementation of 'A framework for delivering integrated health and social care for older people with complex needs.' It simplifies the assessment process to minimise administrative burdens and improve service delivery.  

The guidance is issued under sections 1 and 2 NHS (Wales) Act 2006 and section 7(1) Local Authority Social Services Act 1970.  All local authorities, LHBs and Velindre NHS Trust must work to these arrangements from 2 December 2013.  

Annex B within the document is an example leaflet explaining the arrangements to citizens. Local authorities and LHBs should use this as a template to create versions specific to the needs of their local population.