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More than just words…. Follow-on strategic framework for Welsh language services in health, social services and social care

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This follow-on strategic framework builds on the original  'More than just words….' published in 2012. 

The aim of the original strategy was to strengthen Welsh language services in health, social services and social care.  

This has led to a number of initiatives ensuring Welsh speakers receive services in their first language, using existing skills and resources.

The aim of this follow-on strategic framework is to build on the original strategy, as well as to reflect changes in the political and legislative context.

The Active Offer continues to be a core element. It is important that staff offer Welsh language services to patients, rather than expect patients to have to ask for them. To help staff to make an Active Offer we have developed an information pack.

Partnership Board

To help with the work of overseeing the implementation of More than just words…. a Partnership Board has been established. The first meeting was held on the 9 December 2016.

They will meet three times a year.