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Measuring well-being

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This statement supports carers and people in their own well being.
This report considers how well-being can be measured, by looking at existing opportunities and identifying key areas that could be built upon.
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National outcomes framework for people who need care and support and carers who need support

This will enable progress to be followed both locally and nationally towards transforming care and support services.

The main objectives for the framework are:

  • describe the important well-being outcomes that people who need care and support and carers who need support should expect in order to lead fulfilled lives 
  • set national direction for services to promote the well-being of people in Wales who need care and support, and carers who need support 
  • provide greater transparency on whether care and support services are improving well-being outcomes for people  using consistent and comparable indicators.
The first annual report (2016-17) is available.

Related data 

Interactive charts of the data contained within the National Outcomes Framework Report, 2016-17 (external links)