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Disabled Facilities Grant

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Disabled Facilities Grants can help towards the cost of adapting your home to enable you to continue to live there.

Grants are available from your local council. A grant is paid when the council considers that changes to your home are necessary to meet your particular needs and that it is reasonable and practical to do the work.

Who can apply

Owner occupiers, landlords and private tenants can get help to carry out adaptations to a property providing there is a person with a disability living in the property as their main residence.

If you are a council tenant or a tenant of a housing association you should in the first instance apply to your landlord as you may be able to get help to adapt your home without the need to apply for a grant.

What can the grant be used for?

A grant can be used to give you better freedom of movement into and around your home and/or to provide essential facilities within it.  

An occupational therapist (or other approved qualified professional) will assess what works are suitable and necessary. Typical works can include:

  • improving access to bathroom, living room or bedroom e.g. widening doors or installing a stair lift
  • providing additional bathing facilities e.g. a level access shower
  • making preparation of food and cooking easier e.g. providing low level units
  • adapting heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use
  • improving the heating system.

How much is the grant

The amount of grant will depend on the cost of the approved works and your financial circumstances.

An assessment of your financial circumstances sometimes called a “means test” will be carried out by the council. Depending on the outcome of this assessment the amount of grant payable offered can vary from zero to 100 per cent of the cost.

The “means test” will not be applied where the application is for a disabled child.

The maximum grant payable is £36,000 in Wales but the council may use its discretion to pay additional costs if it chooses.

How to apply

Contact your local council and ask for the section dealing with Disabled Facilities Grants or visit their web site to get more information.

Need help with applying

Council grants officers will be able to answer any questions you may have about the application process or your particular circumstances.

Older people can get help from a local Care & Repair Agency (external link). We support Care & Repair to provide help to older people who need to adapt their homes. This can include help with filling out application forms, finding a reputable builder and supervising the works.

To find your local agency and for further details on the services provided by Care & Repair, visit their web site or Telephone 0300 111 3333 (calls charged at cheapest rate).