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Social Housing Grant

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Twenty-one new homes are set to be built at Aston Mead in Flintshire, providing quality affordable housing and regenerating the local area.

Social Housing Grant is a grant given to Registered Social Landlords (housing associations) by the Welsh Government.

The grant aims to provide new affordable housing for rent or low cost home ownership.

Social Housing Grant (SHG) funds housing schemes that meet local needs and priorities as identified by local authorities. Since the 1980s nearly all new social housing has been provided by Registered Social Landlords (RSLs). One of the reasons is that RSLs can raise private finance to contribute towards the cost of new schemes.

SHG can be used to provide housing for rent or low cost home ownership through new build or the use of existing buildings. SHG can be used to support:

  • schemes to increase the supply of affordable housing for rent
  • schemes for older people including Extracare schemes
  • Homebuy - to assist people to purchase a home
  • schemes to address low demand and to support community regeneration
  • schemes for people who need support with independent living.

Mortgage Rescue Scheme

The Mortgage Rescue scheme enables housing associations to buy a home, or a share of a home, from a homeowner who is facing repossession due to mortgage arrears.

Since 2011, there is no longer a separate Welsh Government budget for Mortgage Rescue. The scheme is still operating in Wales but it is only available in areas where a local authority decides that it is a priority for the use of their Social Housing Grant (SHG) allocation.

If you would like information on the scheme please contact your local authority or e-mail the Welsh Government.