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Houses into Homes scheme

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Over 7,500 vacant properties have been saved from falling into disrepair and transformed into homes for Welsh families during the past four years.

To tackle social issues and as part of meeting housing demand in Wales, we want empty properties to come back into use.

Latest figures suggest there are around 23,000 empty properties in Wales. Some of these properties could provide homes to people who need them.

We made a commitment to this in the Programme for Government. That is why we created a £30m fund to support the Houses into Homes scheme,.

Loans are available to bring empty houses or commercial buildings back into use as homes - including splitting them into flats - for sale or rent.

When the work is completed, the property is sold or rented out.

The scheme was developed in conjunction with the Welsh Local Government Association, the all-Wales Heads of Environmental Health Technical Panel and Andrew Lavender, consultant on the Kent No Use Empty scheme.


A comprehensive 3 year evaluation has been undertaken highlighting the effectiveness, impact and added value of the scheme.