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Rent Smart Wales

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Rent Smart Wales will help raise standards in the private rented sector, Communities Secretary Carl Sargeant said today.
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The law requires all landlords to register and agents and self-managing landlords to obtain a licence.

Rent Smart Wales (external link) is helping to raise standards in the private rented sector in Wales. If you own, rent out, manage and/or live in a rented property then this law will impact on you. It is raising awareness by landlords, agents and tenants of their respective rights and responsibilities. From 23 November 2016, anyone who has not complied with the law can be issued with a fixed penalty, or if taken to court, can be fined.

Landlords and agents

All private landlords are required to register themselves and their properties. If a landlord wants to manage property themselves, they must be licensed, demonstrate that they are ‘fit and proper’ to hold a licence and successfully complete approved training. Alternatively, a landlord can appoint a licensed agent to manage property on their behalf.

To become licensed, landlords managing property and letting agents need to:

Registration takes approximately 15 minutes (slightly longer for those registering more than one property). To request a paper copy call 03000 133344.

The licensing process can take up to 8 weeks to complete once all paperwork is submitted. 


Rent Smart Wales also makes tenants aware of their responsibilities and rights. It offers a number of services including an on-line checking service (external link) to verify a landlord is registered, and anonymous reporting of unregistered properties and landlords or agents without a licence.

Further information and updates are also available on the Rent Smart Wales Facebook (external link) and Twitter (external link) pages.