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Building for the Future 2017-2022

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A distinctive building in Colwyn Bay will be given a new lease of life thanks to Welsh Government and EU funding.
An infrastructure investment programme worth more than £110m to help revitalise town centres has been launched in Pontypridd.
We are continuing with the delivery of our EU funding programmes in Wales.
The Welsh Government actively protects and promotes the interests of Wales at EU level.
European Regional Development Fund

The Building for the Future Programme will invest £54m of funding to assist in the regeneration of town centres and the surrounding areas by tackling derelict, under-utilised land or buildings.

The Building for the Future Programme (BFFP) has been awarded £38m European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funding. The specific objective is to increase employment through investments in prioritised local or regional infrastructure supporting a regional or urban economic strategy. The programme fits with our overarching regeneration strategy as set out in the Targeted Regeneration Investment Programme. BFFP will also utilise £16m Targeted Match Funding (TMF) to match fund the £38m ERDF whilst also maximising the contribution these projects can generate from other public, private and third sector sources.

The programme has three component parts:

  • to identify target buildings and sites 
  • to work with end user and ensure project sustainability
  • to work to support those individuals furthest from the employment.

The projects which make up BFFP across West Wales and the Valleys have been submitted, scoped and developed by local authority partners. Projects have then been selected and prioritised at a regional level based on agreed and published criteria such as proximity to a town centre location, a defined and sustainable end use being in place, the outputs that could be deliverable and delivery timescales. 

Projects have been developed with the objective of focusing on the delivery of significant regional benefits.  

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