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Housing regulation

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The primary focus of this paper continues to be the risks that may cause an RSL to fail to meet the Performance Standards as set out in the Regulatory Framework 2017.
This document gives details of current registered social landlords.
These circulars are relevant to people looking for information on the management of housing in Wales.
This revised Regulatory Framework seeks to improve and strengthen our approach to regulation.
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We regulate registered social landlords registered in Wales, which are more commonly known as ‘housing associations’.

We work to:

  • protect the interests of current and future tenants and other service users
  • ensure good quality social housing, in terms of the Welsh Housing Quality Standard, services which meet tenants’ needs, value for money, and financial viability
  • and maintain the confidence of funders.

What we do

We register and regulate independent housing associations throughout Wales. We aim to use public reports and, where appropriate, direct intervention, to protect the interests of current and future tenants, and other service users. We help landlords to improve their governance, financial management and landlord services. We also help to ensure that housing associations can continue to attract private finance at competitive rates to build and improve affordable homes for people in housing need.

How we work

Our approach is guided by the Regulatory Framework for Housing Associations Registered in Wales, which is underpinned by our commitment to put tenants at the heart of regulation. We consult key stakeholders about proposed changes to policy. Current and previous consultations will be available in the consultation area of this site.

We publish “Delivery outcomes” (standards of performance) that we expect landlords to meet.  These are detailed in the Regulatory Framework and have been agreed with the sector and Community Housing Cymru, which represents housing associations. The delivery outcomes provide a framework for assessment of performance and for housing associations to self-assess their own strengths and areas for improvement.

Our work is overseen by the Regulatory Board for Wales, with support from members of the Tenant Advisory Panel.